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Are you a parts supplier and running behind schedule? Do you have parts that are sitting on your dock and they need to be a thousand miles away this afternoon? We can help! We are SPECIALISTS IN AIR CHARTER AND EXPEDITED FREIGHT . Give us a call and let us use our 32 years of experience to create a specialized shipping solution that will help you meet your customers needs quickly and hassle free.

Air charter is ideal when your product needs to be delivered same day over long distances.

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Why use Kelley Ground Air Expedite?

Kelley Ground Air Expedite has been providing Air and Ground freight shipments for customers all across North America since 1988. We have an experienced team standing by to create a solution to your toughest shipping needs.
Kelley Ground Air Expedite has a network of over 21,000 planes and trucks available in all corners of the US, Canada and Mexico that allows us to have a truck to your door in as little as one hour anywhere in North America.

We are committed to give you excellent service every time. We take pride in our ability to produce results when other's cannot. We are constantly evaluating our approach, our tools and our carrier network to provide you the best service every time.
Kelley Ground Air Expedite has the highest percentage of on time delivery in the industry. We excel at finding a solution to your critical shipment to arrive on-time when other carriers say it can't be done.
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Frequently Asked Questions

While each customer has unique needs for each shipment, here is a basic shipment configuration:

A local truck is dispached to your dock to pickup your freight and carry it to a local airport

The freight is loaded onto the plane at the airport

The freight is taken by air to a local airport near your customer

A local truck or your customer then unloads the plane for final delivery

Your Kelley Air dispatch team is standing by to create a unique solution to your air freight shipment needs.

We will contact you by any method you prefer. Phone, text or email with each milestone of your trip. You can also call at any time for status as needed. Milestones include trip events such as: truck is at the airport, plane is in the air, and freight is delivered. There are many more trip events, but those are a few of the most common.

Yes, there are special freight requirements for each type of plane. Some planes require freight to be broken down into individual cartons, custom skid configuration and weight limitations. Please consult your Kelley Air dispatch team member for further details and a custom solution to your unique needs.

Yes you can ship to and from Canada or Mexico via air freight. The customs process is still required, although in some situations customs must be handled at an international Airport where staff is available and trained for the process. Please consult your Kelley Air dispatch team member for further details.